Selena Gomez Fears She’ll Never Be Able To Replace Justin Bieber — ‘He Is Too Perfect’

Selena Gomez has a ‘huge hole in her heart’ and worries ‘no one will ever be able to fill it,’ HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Find out why, here.

Has Selena Gomez, 26, given up on love? We’ve learned that her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, 24, may have set the bar too high — dangerously high.  “Selena fears that she will never have another love in her life like she had with Justin, she’s worried that she’ll never be able to find anyone that captures her whole heart and soul the way he did,” a source close to Selena shares EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. “Selena fell in love with Justin because he is the complete package. Selena finds Justin handsome, smart, sexy, insanely talented and incredibly successful, he is too perfect.”
But that doesn’t mean the “Wolves” singer wants to get back with Justin. “She has to remind herself all the time that as much as she loved him, and will always love him, that they broke up for a reason,” our source adds. Still, Selena isn’t entirely thrilled about her ex-lover’s engagement to Hailey Baldwin, 21, on July 7, which happened after one month of officially dating, and brief flings in 2015 and 2016. To compare, Selena and Justin were dating on and off-again for a whopping span of seven years, from 2011-2018. “As much as Selena knows that her relationship with Justin wasn’t always healthy for her, it’s very painful to see him moving on and so in love with Hailey,” our source goes on. “It makes her question how deep his feelings for her really were because it’s not been nearly as easy for her to move on.”
So, Selena still cares. A lot. “She still can’t help but compare everyone else she might date to Justin. What they had was so intense, her feelings for him go so deep. The loss of their relationship has left a huge hole in her heart and she worries that no one will ever be able to fill it,” our source continues. “Selena wants to find the kind of love she had with Justin again but she fears it might be impossible, that it was a once in a lifetime kind of love and now it’s lost. She tries not to think that way but deep down that’s a huge fear for her, she worries she might be single forever.”
This makes sense. As we’ve told you on Aug. 14, a source close to Selena EXCLUSIVELY shared with us that “Selena feels like right now dating is not in the cards.” Now we know why. But Selena has more fears than just finding Justin’s perfect replacement. “Plus she always thinks how it will be perceived to be with someone in the outside world. She hates being defined by the people she doesn’t know on who she dates or doesn’t date,” the source added. “She can’t hang out with anyone without it turning into something and she knows it scares away the chance of love because there are so many more layers to break through for any suitors that might want to be with her.” To prove that, rumors of a “mystery man” started after Selena was spotted with none other than her friend’s little brother, CalebStevens, whom People reported was only a friend. Poor Selena — we know you’ll find your soulmate soon enough!
HollywoodLife reached out to Selena Gomez’s rep for a comment, but did not receive a response.


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