School teacher mobbed for raping and impregnating student

A man was paraded through the streets for allegedly raping a student and getting her pregnant.
The school teacher in Andhra Pradesh, named only as Rambabu, 38, allegedly promised the student more marks then raped her.
When members of the community found out, he was stripped down to his underwear, beaten, and paraded in the town of Eluru in the West Godavari district of south-eastern India’s Andhra Pradesh state. He was later taken to the police station by the angry crowd.
The mob claimed the English teacher had raped a student in Class 10 – making her 15 or 16 years old. She later got pregnant and when the teacher found out, he gave her abortion pills.
The girl’s family only found out something was wrong when they noticed the girl bleeding heavily. When they questioned her, she told them Rambabu had been sexually harassing her for two years.
Relatives of the girl and their friends caught the teacher, beat him up, stripped him and paraded him semi-naked through the streets to a police station.
"He is a teacher and lured a Class 10 student with the promise of good marks and raped her. He made her pregnant," one of the men is heard saying in the video.
"She almost died of bleeding. We took her to hospital. Once we found out, we could not spare him."
On arrival at the police station, cops gave the man a shirt and towel to cover himself before bringing him in for questioning.
Rambabu reportedly told cops: "They called me to talk and then 15 people beat me up mercilessly."
However, the teacher was arrested after reportedly admitting the allegations. So far police have taken no action against the mob for taking the law into their own hands.


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