Justin Bieber Working Hard To Make Hailey Baldwin Feel Loved: He ‘Won’t Even Say The Name Selena’

No girl wants to be reminded of her sweetheart’s exes. We’ve got details on how Justin Bieber is making sure to never say Selena Gomez’s name around his fiancée Hailey Baldwin.

Justin Bieber wants to make sure that fiancée Hailey Baldwin, 21, knows that she is the only woman for him. He’s going so far as to never mention any of his ex loves around her, especially Selena Gomez, 26. “Justin works hard to make Hailey feel loved and like the only woman in the world. Justin gives all his attention to Hailey and never brings up or mentions any of his famous ex’s. He is doing his best to make his fiancée feel secure, happy and cared for even though Justin still gets a lot of attention from other women everywhere he goes. Justin is always a gentleman, respectful, never even looks at anyone else and won’t even say the name Selena,” a source close to the 24-year-old singer tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.
“Hailey really notices how much he loves her too. She appreciates that Justin no longer really hangs out with any of the Jenner sisters or talks to Kourtney anymore. Justin is doing his best to make Hailey feel good about their future together despite his ex’s lurking and it helps cause Hailey feels happy about their life together,” our insider adds. Kourtney is single once again and was Justin’s former hookup partner so it’s a good thing he’s keeping his distance.
Justin can’t wait to make Hailey his bride, and has already enlisted pal Post Malone to throw his bachelor party. “We’re going to have a nice little f**cking party and we’re going to have a lot of fun. We’re going to do some fishing, we’re going to do some hanging out,” he told The Blaston Aug. 20. So it sounds like no hard partying and strippers for the deeply religious Biebs. That must come as a huge relief to Hailey.
The couple has even picked out their bridal party! So far we know of two of Hailey’s relatives will be her bridesmaids. “[Hailey’s sister] Alaia [Baldwin] and [cousin] Ireland, they’re in the wedding,” Hailey’s aunt ,Kim Basinger, 64, told Us Weekly on July 18. That was just 11 days after the couple’s surprise engagement so they’re not wasting any time when it comes to getting married.


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