Do you know why Green color is so commonly used in hospitals?

I always wondered that why color green is used in hospitals not red or blue. All things in operation theaters even the dress which doctors used to wear during operation are also green. One day I finally decided to gather information about the psychology of green color and its history, how it became the identity of hospitals.
Psychology of green:  Green is the color of nature.Plenty of things in this world contains green in it. It not only symbolizes growth but also connected to life and peace.It is the complimentary color of red. It gives pleasant effect to eyes and mind, reduces eye fatigue also. Green is the color of balance, as it is found in the middle of the spectrum.
Green in hospitals:
Green color also well connected with medical accessories. Green first used in a San Francisco hospital in 1914. An American surgeon firstly used spinach green color for the hospital environment. He created green operating theater with green walls and floors. He selected spinach green environment as it is opposite of hemoglobin red. According to him, his eyes can examine more properly the details and texture of wound which he is treating under green environment. After him, many other surgeons followed his idea.
It was believed that with the help of color therapy, green became the part of hospital culture.In 1930, a hospital decorator and architect William Ludlow used green color and symbolize it with recovery and growth. He said that: “White is negative; the convalescent needs the therapeutic reaction of the positive colors that nature has spread so lavishly for her children… Our eyes were made to find rest and contentment in soft greens, pale blues, an occasional touch of red, but above all, the glorious golden yellow of the sunshine.”
Why not white or red?
  • Red cannot be used because the color of blood is also red, it will be difficult for doctors to operate and examine if the whole environment of hospital become red. In order to distinguish between the colors, green was given preference over red. Red is a dark color, it is the color of danger and hotness. This cannot influence the eyes of patient and it may create the feeling of fear in him.
  • If we talk about white color, it also doesn’t go well with the hospital environment. The combination of bright lights in Operation Theater and all stuff may confuse the surgeon and can divert his attention. Blood is also prominent in the white dress which may frighten the patient.
  • After all, this what I conclude is that GREEN suits the hospital stuff precisely. It is the color of herbs which are used in many medicines, also symbolizes nature and relax our mind. It gives refreshing look to the patient eyes.


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