10 Weirdest Snakes Around the World

Snakes are one such species that are considered weird by majority of us in the world. The snakes listed here have different physical forms and bizarre appearances. Some of them use their weirdness to camouflage with the environment to attack the preys. Here, we have listed the 10 weirdest snakes in the world that are actually bizarre by their looks.

10. Spiny Bush Viper

spiny bush viper
Can there be a snake with all its scales spiked? Yes, the Spiny Bush Viper’s resemblance is something very weird. Spiny bush vipers are not only to be seen weird, but are also very dangerous due to venom content in them. Primarily found in Central Africa, the average length of the snake is considered to be 65 cm. The most shocking and bizarre fact about this snake is that, there is no antivenom found till date. Due to rough scales, they tend to climb branches and other vertical objects very easily.

9. Blind Snake

blind snake
Blind snake is also recognized as “Brahminy Blind Snake”, commonly found in Asia and Africa. The blind snakes are so thin that they are always mistaken for earthworms. Right from the head through the tail is perfectly at same size without rugged scales or improper change in the width. They are completely bind, since their eye as well is covered with scales making them impossible to view. Blind snakes tend to move with the possible light reflection that fall on their eyes for motions and survival.

8. Tentacle Snake

tentacle snake
Tentacle Snake, also recognized as “Tentacled Snake”, is the only aquatic snake to be featured with a tentacle on its forehead. Very bizarre indeed, however, the tentacles are used to catch fish in a clever manner. The tentacles doesn’t consist of venom, but they have venomous fangs, which are considered to be potent to few aquatic animals. The fangs are positioned deep in the rear of the mouth. Primarily found in South-East Asia, the tentacle snakes are never to be seen anywhere apart from the aquatic regions.

7. Horned Desert Viper

horned desert viper
A pair of supraocular “horns” on the horned deserted viper snake is something that is very weird to be seen. The horned desert vipers are very rare to find and are native to Northern Africa. These peculiar pair of horns of desert vipers could resemble a moronic snake. Horned desert vipers also renders with the deserted environment as their skin color is completely brown.

6. Flying Snake

flying snake
We never would have imagined that a snake could even fly. Fortunately it is a “Yes”, and is also recognized as “Gliding Snake”, which is primarily found in Southeast Asia.  Very weird indeed that the flying snake is also capable of climbing tall trees with their ridge scales. They tend to select an elevated trajectory to glide all the way down to either attack the prey or escape from dangers. Generally considered to be less venomous and potential for small animals. The belly of flying snakes are flexible enough to broaden themselves to facilitate for gliding.

5. Elephant Trunk Snake

elephant trunk snake
The Elephant Trunk Snake, as the name says exactly resembles an elephant’s trunk. Basically, the trunk snakes are aquatic and are non-venomous. Bulky outer skin and scales produce hefty trunk like structure. Unlike other snakes, the elephant trunk snakes doesn’t consist of scales in the belly to slither and would be impossible to survive on lands. They grow up to a length of 2.5 meters. Rugged scales on their body helps them catch slippery fishes.

4. Albino Nelsoni

albino nelsoni
Albino Nelsoni snakes are also recognized as “Nelsoni Milk snakes”. It could be considered either beautiful for some or weird, depending on personal interest of the individual. The skin pattern produces alternate red and white thick bands that can give extreme bizarre appearances. Generally consists of 14-18 red rows with broader white rows. An adult Nelsoni snake lengths about 110 centimeters and are considered to be nonvenomous. They are resistant to few mildly venomous snakes of different natives.

3. Spider-tailed Horned Viper

spider tailed horned viper
Spider-tailed Horned Viper as the name says consists of a spider-like tail to render exactly like a living spider in the environment. The viper’s tail is featured with a bulb like structure to provoke insectivorous birds. While moving, the tail is waved around as though a spider is wandering, which is used as a criteria to catch birds. They are also considered as horned vipers due to elevated scale formation on their eyes. The horned vipers are endemic to western Iran and are one of the rarest species around the world.

2. Eastern Hog-Nosed Snake

eastern hog nosed snake
Easter hog-nosed snake is one of the creepiest snakes around the world due to their bizarre facial structure. The hog-nosed snakes are endemic to North America and are considered nonvenomous. However, the looks tend to be very aggressive and fierce, but are always considered to be harmless to humans. If provoked, the head is raised unlike cobra by flattening their neck. The color of Eastern hog-nosed snakes ranges from gray to black with lighter underside of the tail.

1. Malagasy Leaf-nosed Snake

malagasy leaf nosed snake
The Malagasy Leaf-nosed Snake is the world’s weirdest snake due to its awkward leafy projection on its head. Formerly recognized as “Langaha Madagascariensis” is endemic to rain forests of Madagascar. Generally considered to be calm, however the bite could be very painful for humans. Counter attack by leaf-nosed snakes are generally due to a result of provoking. As the name says, the front portion of the head completely resembles a leaf and they also camouflage with the branches and stems. Since they tend to fall extensively in dry forests, finding them is quite difficult


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