"No school fee no exams"- Kogi State university

“No school fee no exams if you like cry blood out” that is the exact words of Mr TY Iduh the registrar of the University who claimed to be acting On the instruction of the authority.

My attention has been drawn to the ongoing merciless and heartless decision of the management of the Kogi State university Anyigba aiming at denying majority of students from graduating.
I raised this alarm before now and I unfortunately is happening within a short period of time.
Bello and Edward Onoja agenda is to ensure that university is reduced to nothing and that is happening.
We are aware of unnecessary harassment of female students by some lecturers in that very university, before now and now the government is directly harassing them, knowing fully well that more than 70% of students have their own parents on a pay list of the state government who has refused to pay workers.
There should be a carrot and stick approach in any policy concerning students. Now you are depriving a final year students an examination what then become of he/she ?
Is Bello saying that the four years should just be come a waste ?
What is the management of the students union saying?
I am also aware that 70% of the affected students are Kogites , you mean the government of kogi state, can’t have sympathy, I know the SUG and other leading students advocacy group in that school may not have Real spirit of aluta any more to stand up and confront this satanic decision of Kogi State university as encouraged by Bello government but why is ALUMNI body keeping quiet when their voice is needed ? What I am seeing is an individual effort of the like of RealOne Emeje but not collective. KSU IS DYING despite the unbearable hardship in Kogi state, students of Kogi State University, Anyigba who could not afford to pay their school fees were not allowed to sit for examination today.


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