Re: 50 Feared Killed In Adamawa, Taraba Attacks

If foolani terrorists are wise, they would have waited till Buhari's 2nd term to launch their Jihadist campaign.
Foolani terrorists succeeded in opening another terror front in Adamawa.
NE is gone for Buhari. Taraba, Adamawa, Gombe and over 40% Bauchi (Bauchi Christians) is gone for Buhari.
He is left with only Borno and Yobe states.
In the North West he will lose part of Kano to Kwankwanso/Shekarau, Tambuwal tsunami will make him lose part of Sokoto, Shia moslems and Southern Kaduna make part of Kaduna a No-No for him, Lamido is holding huge part of Kaduna on lock down for him, Zamfara might switch if PDP presents a Northern ticket, few votes will come out of Kebbi because of her few Christian population.
Buhari will lose over 40% of his votes in NW.
Middle Belt, South East and South South are on lock down for PDP.
As usual, Igbos, some yoruba Christians, Northern Christians in the SW are holding 40% SW votes on lock down with Buhari's misrule and his alleged religious agenda, hopefully more yoruba christians will defect to the part of sanity.
At the International scene, President Trump and UK will be skeptical on supporting Buhari. So he just lost down.
OUK might be rallying up foreign Ambassadors to shore up his already battered international image.
But without US and UK, it is nothing but an exercise in futility.
Bottom line: The Bringers of Death are going back to their cows.


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